While a lot of us have ooo’d and aaah’d over the games that have been revealed at E3 for next gen, we’ve glossed over the fact that there’s actually a new piece of hardware coming out!

The actual PS4 console is aesthetically smaller and more pleasing than the PS3. It’s best described as a parallelogram, a term being thrown around a lot after E3 because of it’s sleek, slightly diagonal sides. It appears to be much lighter than the previous original PS3 (closer to the more recent designs that have been released instead).

The biggest difference in hardware is that Sony is moving away from Cell architecture, which is the reason the large $600 release price tag of the former was blamed on. Instead it will run on an accelerated processing unit developed by AMD. Memory-wise, it will contain 8GB of unified system memory and a maximum bandwidth of 176GB/s. Sony has boasted how this is 16 times more than the PS3, so the Playstation 4 is quite an upgrade. It will include a 500GB hard drive for additional storage, a hard drive which can be upgraded by the owner at any time.

Of course the drive will read Blu-ray discs, as is becoming standard. It is not expected to render games in anything greater than 1080p, though, but that makes sense, giving most households don’t have televisions that can deal with more than that anyway.

On top of that there’s a few other perks with the console; an obvious wireless connection, Ethernet, two USB 3.0 ports, and a bundled mono headset. The audio and visual outputs will be HDMI and optical with no analog option, so if you still are using super old televisions, it’s beyond time for an upgrade.

All of this for a $400 price tag, which shocked most people, considering it’s less than the Xbox One, which doesn’t even have as large of a storage system or, as far as we can tell, as strong of hardware inside.


Take a look at these photos of the ps4 console